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It's really hot there. People learn from experience. The desk has three drawers. It happened a long time ago. Behave yourself, otherwise I will neck you out. I said I would make her happy. He ordered me to go alone. I'm the tallest one in the class. I'll be lonely after you've gone. Call me.
Sonidos Binaurales: - John met Mary on his way to school.
- This castle is beautiful.
- That word is pronounced kitchen.
- Come at any time you like.
- I have come to the end of my patience.
- What was it I left behind?
- Let's shake hands.
- Will you tell me the way to the station?
- Don't make noise.
- I am taking a bath now.
She explained it over again. I'm a student. How about you? When is the manager returning from Trichy? I don't mind. There are a lot of parks in London. Where do they want you to come? He is in love with her. My brother went to the United States to study law. I'll look after my parents when they get old. My father has been there.

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